Annette Cove Associates is one of the UK's most highly respected search and selection agencies. We specialise in a wide range of recruitment services within the footwear and accessories sector, and partner with some of the best known names in the industry.
Our mission is to secure premium talent for our clients by identifying common values, matching essential competencies and managing multiple expectations for long term mutual client and candidate satisfaction.
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There really are only three elements to successful recruitment: A well prepared and open minded client, an enthusiastic and flexible candidate and a diligent and competent go-between. Welcome to our world.
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Whether the role is an unexpected vacancy, part of a planned expansion or a newly created position, you need to be sure the right person fills the post. Which is why you need a whole lot more than just a recruitment agency.
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Although our primary role is to help our clients fill the gaps in their human resource landscape, we are passionate about helping those that would aspire to greater careers.

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Footwear and accessories are our passion, and we have developed a unique appreciation and understanding of exactly how this industry works. We are different not just because we care, but because we get results.
We describe our business as International search and selection to help explain our unique and significant point of difference. We have a profound understanding of the rapid pace of globalisation within our industry and know that our clients need to explore all avenues in their search for the right people.
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To find the very best people in the industry, a simple advert in the local fashion press just won't cut it – you really need an international perspective to stay ahead.
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And a quick scan of LinkedIn and an even quicker shuffle through a few old CV's isn't the answer to uncovering the whereabouts of the perfect candidate either.
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And when you have found what seems to be an ideal selection of individuals,
what defining combination
of competencies and characteristics are right?
And we are constantly in touch with some of the very best people in the industry – both at grass roots graduate level right through to senior board level.
To find out more about how we can help your organisation find the perfect candidate, please contact us using the button below.